Kitchen Vixen

Your dinner isn’t the only thing that needs some spicing up!   Here are my five must do’s for any woman looking for her creative and sexy self, while cooking or baking.  These will not only help you create fabulous dishes, but also help you feel chic while getting messy in the kitchen.

1.  Wear a cute/sexy/vintage apron to get in the mood (of cooking that is ;o)

2. Try something new once a week- look online, read magazines, ask a friend for a new recipe.

3.  Think of cooking like looking at a piece art, its a blank canvas for you to create your own masterpiece, both mouth watering and eye pleasing.

4.  Keep health in mind at all times, anything can taste good with globs of butter, the trick is to make it taste even better without!

~ If you eat better, you will feel better, and you will look better

5.  Cook with your significant other, the aromas, the apron, the aspect of creating something together will work wonders in other aspects of your relationship.

~ If your single, find a good friend, turn on the music, and bounce ideas back and fourth while cooking.  You will have a blast and share a great meal together.

Thanks to these designers for their chic, classy, and sexy creations! &

~Post what makes you feel like a kitchen vixen??

Become a Gameday Goddess

Get ready for the Superbowl with good drinks, good food, and an appealing environment, even the men will appreciate!

Decor: Keep the decor simple, you want the game to be the main focus point.   You also don’t want to over do the theme of the team colors.  Rooting for your favorite team, does not mean your home has to be decked in colored streamers and tacky football posters.  Try arranging some flowers with your team color of choice and some candles to add to the ambiance.   Turn your serving trays into mini football fields of wheat grass to serve your appetizers on. I just love the football-themed centerpiece idea from InStyle Parties

What to Pour

The Kickoff Drink: (Serves 12) Combine 1 and 1/2 cups tequila, 3/4 cup triple sec, 7 and 1/2 cups fresh orange juice and 6 tbsp fresh lime juice.  To serve, add ice to a pitcher and pour into glasses rimmed with coarse salt.  Garnish with lime wheels.

Beer Station: Set up your own mini beer taste testing area, with imported or locally brewed beers served in mini glasses.  I love trying new organic beers from my local Trader Joes.  Reasonable prices for unique and delicious beers and wines.

Hor d’oeuvre: Fancy finger foods, such as sugar and spice pecans, tortilla chips with jalapeno-bean dip, salsa and guacamole.

You can’t have a Superbowl party without wings, spice up the traditional buffalo wings by going with Asian honey glazed wings sprinkled with chopped pecans and assorted veggies and dipping sauce.

Main Course: Mini crab-cake sliders, with avocado and a sweet and spicy jalapeño sauce!  Served with homemade baked potato wedges sprinkled with rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper! Yum!

Half-Time Desert Bar:

Set up a mini ice cream sundae station with several flavored ice creams and toppings of choice.

Party Favors:

Who doesn’t love a party favor to take home!  It’s a great way to say thanks for coming and something to remind them of the great party you threw!

Putting on the Glitz

A great DYI project taking broken pieces of your grandma’s gems and turning them into functional and unique accessories.  I am in love with the gems over the shoulder, these look easy enough to do, whip out some crazy glue and put your imagination to work.  These are sure to be a conversation piece and the subtle hint of sparkle will make an entire outfit shine. Another fabulous DYI project thanks to

Love is in the Air…

Who doesn’t want to feel like a vintage vixen?  Romance, femininity, glamor,  and love!  Best yet, they are  hand made in Australia.  Put this seller on your Valentine’s day what to wear list!

City Chic

These pieces are timeless, chic, and versatile.  I am in love with Wink NYC and their line of flattering and unique designs that leave me always wanting more!  You can visit

Jewelry Wall Art

What a unique and clever way to showcase and hang your jewelry, you save space and create a great conversation piece. Showcase your grandma’s pearls or that unique vintage brooch you loved, but never had the right thing to wear with it. You are creating art with your most precious and glamorous jewels! It’s also a great DIY project. I love it! These can be found on for $38.

I <3 Michael Kors

This beautiful leather bag in navy/cobalt blue can make any simple outfit become an eye catcher.  From the big gold hardware and clasps to the overall design of the bag, you are to surely feel luxurious wearing this. (retails for around $299)

2010 Resolution- Lets start the year of with a bang and some glam of course

As we enter into a new decade, I can feel the “cosmos” of the stars on our side this year.  I am not one to talk astrology, but I feel a huge presence about to take place and make big changes.  This is the year to live your dreams big and small, tune into your creative side and don’t leave any rocks unturned.  I am ready for 2010 to try anything and everything! Whose knows what our lives will bring, why wait now is the time!  Below are a few inspiring resolutions to help add sparkle, love, and adventure into your lives.  Happy New Years, may this be the year that started it all!

  1. Go rock climbing
  2. Start my own business
  3. Go on a yoga/meditation/detox retreat
  4. Learn to surf
  5. Take photography classes-too see the everyday beauty
  6. Take up Belly dancing
  7. Go to Alaska
  8. Try lots and lots of cosmos and good wine
  9. Look my cutest even if I am just going to the gym or the grocery store
  10. Be more spontaneous
  11. Have “Sparkle” in my everyday- enjoy the little details more.
  12. Have a dinner party- Martha style!
  13. Get back into snowboarding!
  14. Run a Muddy Buddy-
  15. Get in awesome physical shape to do all the above!
  16. Do more graphic design- take more classes
  17. Start my Blog and do an entry everyday!
  18. Take more pictures of family, friends, and pretty things
  19. Dive into my femininity and let it shine
  20. Volunteer more, rescue more dogs, be more environmentally conscious
  21. Make a funny YouTube video and become a YouTube sensation
  22. Travel our country and experience the beauty we have right here
  23. Practice more yoga because inner beauty is just as important as outer.
  24. Meet new people!!
  25. Do a beach clean-up
  26. Last but not least ride a mechanical bull!

Comments are welcomed 🙂