A signature piece for winters to come!

This was my must have piece for the winter, everything from the color to the silk lining inside, this jacket/cape had me at “Hello”.  Two main concerns with this coat was the hefty price tag of $258 and the fact that my good friend/co-worker is the one who introduced me to it and bought it herself!  I realized than it was not meant to be and I had to let it go.  Weeks went by and as I was doing my weekly internet window shopping I stumbled back onto Anthropologie’s website to find that the coat was marked down 50%!!!  I knew now I had to have it, after asking my friend for her approval first, since this is a signature piece! I swore I would never wear the coat around her!  I obeyed this unspoken code of womanly ethics and never looked back as I soak up all the compliments I get over it and how this magic cape transforms me into a vintage vixen.  This is a signature and classic wardrobe staple every woman needs in her closetchic~

*  Pair this cape with some pearls and long gloves!

Cupcakes & Love

After watching the show Cupcake Wars a zillion times, I would watch and revel in the beautiful art of cupcake making, with unique flavors, such as pomegranate and avocado or banana drizzled in carmel.  Something so sweet, delicious, and visually captivating to me about cupcakes and I figured “how hard could it be to make my own?”, boy was I wrong!  I whipped out all my new baking utensils and tried to channel the Martha Stewart in me and was on my way to making the perfect batch!

My adventures in cupcake making of course couldn’t be simple to start, I had to be a contender for Cupcake Wars on day one! After Googling for an hour to find the perfect recipe, I found a great recipe for coconut cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing and organic flakes of coconut on the top.  To my surprise they were actually delicious, however they did not look like the fluffy pretty cupcakes I saw on TV, mine were hard, slightly overcooked, and I had icing all over my kitchen and myself!  There was nothing visually captivating about this picture! A few weeks went by and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I figured I would give it another whirl and surprise my husband with something sweet!  This time I had to go even bigger and I was going to make blackberry cupcakes with vanilla icing.  I found a quick simple recipe with not much room for error or so I thought.  From the start with the blending of blackberries, which was just a purple mess everywhere, I then realized I added a half a cup too much flour!  Yikes!  Ok quick thinking was to add more egg, more milk, hmmm no more blackberries to add, so I quickly grabbed a banana!!! Yes my blackberry cupcakes quickly became banana cupcakes, since the taste of blackberries was no where to be found under the added flour and other spontaneous ingredients I could quickly get my hands on.  I quickly put the cupcakes in the oven, and they were rising perfectly!  Thinking I conquered the batch, I removed them and began my Valentine’s decorating extravaganza, which once again is not as easy as it looks, icing and sprinkles again everywhere!!  Well in the end the batch turned out to be very dry more like banana bread with icing, still edible.  At least I got some fun pictures out of the ordeal.  I think next time I will stick to boxed ingredients!!  Happy Valentine’s day! xoxo