Polka Dot Fling


Loving the warm weather these days in Jersey, but it sure does make choosing outfits a task.  Hot and sunny one day to cold and rainy the next.  My outfit here portrays the best of both seasons with a bold black and white color combo, pairing this with some adorable polka dot peep toe wedges.  This outfit channeled my inner 1950’s bombshell and you can almost hear the tune of “Grease Lightening” playing in the background.

Daily Affirmation:  “I am not afraid to take bold risks in fashion and in my everyday life.”

{Michael Kors polka dot wedges, Michael Kors watch, Coach Sunglasses, misc. turquoise ring, white blazer vest and black pants from Lucky Lady Boutique in New Jersey and NYC.}

Vintage Florals

I have a secret obsession for vintage florals that has recently become almost a compulsion of mine!  I want anything and everything with these great patterns that remind me of  a mixture of my childhood memories and frilly tea parties and I just can’t get enough.  To my delight, I stumbled upon a great UK designer Cath Kidston and her website where you can purchase her amazing patterns on almost anything from Iphone cases to porcelain dishes to even wall paper she sells by the roll.  These vintage florals designs could be used in spare bedrooms, bridal shower themes, even a babies room!

Pin up Appeal

On my own personal mission to finding the perfect 50’s themed bathing suit for an upcoming party, I stumbled upon some amazing finds and noticed that the style was indeed coming back…  When I think of the 50’s, I think of an era where woman had to hide their sexual appeal and be the perfect proper housewife.  Classic 50’s icons such Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and pin up model Bettie Page broke through the molds representing femininity and embracing their curves and beauty.  I think we can learn a lot from this era of timeless, classic beauty and revamp it to each our own.  Stop saying “I will wear that when I lose 10 lbs.,” embrace yourself now, you only live once to do so.

Here are some exquisite finds from Anthropologie and Ladramaqueen.