A Midsummer’s Night Dream

We all know the widely popular play written by William Shakespeare of love, fairies, and other woodland creatures.  There is something oddly magical about this special time of the year falling from June 21st thru around July 20th that evokes love, beauty, freedom, nature, and charm.  To me it’s a new beginning; a time to refresh, recharge, and to just let go of worry and inhibitions.  Let charm, magic, beauty, and love enter your life this summer, just remember to keep an open mind!

Here is my list of my top Mid-Year Resolutions to accomplish this summer and my Mid-Summer must have’s!

  1. Make everyday a mini vacation– From homemade island drinks infused with coconut juice and fresh pineapples (Liquor optional) to making your own homemade facial masks using honey, yogurt and granola.  These small moments each day will save you money and give you a 15 minute pick-me-up.
  2. Look for beauty in everything and I mean everything- it’s so easy to dwell on negative aspects of life and in other people.  Changing your prospective isn’t easy but will mentally and spiritually leave a lasting impression on your overall stress levels and well-being.
  3. Dance under the stars– what better way to welcome summer than with a loved one or some friends and let loose under the summer stars.
  4. Tap into your creative side with a DIY class- Take a jewelry making, floral arrangement, or baking class at your local college or florist shop.
  5. Have fun with homemade ice pops– create fun flavors like lemon basil, cucumber mint, and strawberry ginger!  Healthy and refreshing treat!
  6. Have photo shoot– Gather some unique props (mustaches, fans, vintage hats, etc.) and use fun patterned sheets as backdrop and remember to have fun!
  7. Go to a local water park and splash around like a kid-  I did this last year for my 29th birthday and granted we were the oldest people splashing around, but it brought back so many memories and we laughed the entire time!
  8. Beach Yoga– no need to explain the benefits of this- Just do it for your body and peace of mind!
  9. Dream–  When I was in grade school and High school I recall just staring out the window and dreaming big.  With the stresses of real life always getting in the way, just stop and know it’s never to late for dreams to come true…
  10. Throw an outdoor dinner party–  What a great way to enjoy summer by hosting a small dinner party.  Create an outdoor living room with bright accent colors, lots of candles, and soft music.  Creat a menu that is easy and light for a hot summer night and don’t forget to end the night with a fire and some smores!