DIY Framed Jewelry Wall Art

As you can see by my last post, I have been on a jewelry showcasing kick lately!  Check out this old frame I purchased at an estate sale for $3.00!  I jumped the gun and primed it white (originally wood/brown) before I took a picture of it.  I than lightly sanded it and painted it spring cactus green.  I went to a local thrift store, where I purchased the white lace for $4.00, with plenty left over for another project.  Used my hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the back of the frame…and ta da!  A simple and fun DIY project…xo

Surface Inspired

In a design rut?  Want to add some artistic flair to your home but not sure how?  How about even glam at up your toilet bowl (it can be done!)  Wall decals are your answer to every creative motif you have ever dreamed of.  There cheap, easy to put on, and easy to remove.  I think I am starting to sound like an infomercial, but I am just overly excited about my creative options and the fun you can have with decals to easily transform your home.  My only caution warning is do not go over board with decals, it can be addicting, make sure you are combining them with real wall art for added dimension.  Great DIY projects!  Happy Decaling!  Check out Sweet Pea Living and Surface Inspired!

Here are a few of my favorite picks and some great ideas on where to put them!

Top unique places for decals:

  • Toilet Bowl
  • Refrigerator
  • Closet doors
  • Lap Top
  • Bridal- Monograms, Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • Organizing; Toy storage, his or hers, summer and winter bins, holidays.
  • Windows

Jewelry Wall Art

What a unique and clever way to showcase and hang your jewelry, you save space and create a great conversation piece. Showcase your grandma’s pearls or that unique vintage brooch you loved, but never had the right thing to wear with it. You are creating art with your most precious and glamorous jewels! It’s also a great DIY project. I love it! These can be found on for $38.