K + C ~ A Vintage Picnic Wedding

Krissy + Cody were just married this August in South Dakota with a barnyard chic theme which showed in every detail of their big day.  They truly brought out, both the charm of living in South Dakota, while remembering their New Jersey roots. The grooms cake is an exact replica of Cody’s vintage truck and every detail added to the fun and charm of their wedding, such as the old-fashioned candy jars, the vintage inspired South Dakota and New Jersey license plates, and can’t forget the popcorn machine.  I just love the picnic table cloths that also played into the groomsmen attire and the whole theme just came together effortlessly chic.  Congrats K&C!

Pictures taken by the talented Adam Zuidema.


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Bohemian Wedding Chic

The idea of a Bohemian Wedding makes me think of color, warmth, love, vibrancy, and nature. Check out my polyvore of reds, vintage, earth tones, and uniqueness. I am not a huge fan of red in general, but I was drawn to this pallet and would be head over heels for any of these ideas.

As we head into wedding season, over the next few weeks I will be high-lighting different wedding pallets of colors, themes and inspirations. If you had a unique wedding and would like to share it here, please email me.